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Since its inaugural performance in front of Nelson Mandela and world leaders on Robben Island on Millennium eve “African Footprint” has gone on to become South Africa’s longest running musical, thrilling and entertaining people all over the world. With its raw energy, talent, spirit and passion, “African Footprint” has played to standing ovations in the USA,China, Australia, Monte Carlo, Europe, Israel, India,Mexico, Lebanon, France, not forgetting its home base in South Africa and is now set to embark on a whole new international tour!

An exhilirating journey through Africa’s history, culture and spirit, “African Footprint” has set new standards in the world of dance and music. Its dancers, singers and drummers – drawn from South Africa’s cities, townships and rural areas alike - have gone on to amazing success stories in their own right, proving the power and talent of ‘Africa’s children’…with the show now as much their success as that of anyone else.

Ten years after its World Premiere on the 11th May, 2000 “African Footprint” continues to bring something uniquely African to global audiences and is truly a show that cannot be rivalled, and one that should not be missed.

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